Keto Meatballs Recipe | Gluten Free, Healthy, & Low Carb

A gold fork puncturing a meatball. There is sauce in front of the meatball and a few meatballs around it.

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These keto meatballs are hearty, cheesy, and packed with savory flavor in every bite. And, honestly, you'd never guess that each meatball has just over 1 NET CARB! Plus, all it takes to make these healthy, low carb, gluten free meatballs is about 30 minutes! 



1 lb. (450g) ground beef

1 lb. (450g) ground chicken

Just under 1/2 cup (40g) grated parmesan cheese

1 onion, chopped

4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 egg

1/3 cup (70g) of almond milk

Just under 1/2 cup (90g) grated mozzarella or a similar type of cheese

Fresh parsley, chopped

Italian seasoning

Salt, pepper

Low Carb Sauce:

2 3/4 Cups (650g) no sugar added tomato sauce

Just under 1/3 cup (70g) grated mozzarella cheese

Olive oil

Parsley for decoration


  1. Preheat oven to 210°C(410°F).
  2. To make meatballs, take out a large mixing bowl and add all the meatball ingredients except the egg and almond milk.
  3. Combine ingredients well with your hands, then add egg and milk and fully combine to make the meatball mixture.
  4. In a baking dish lightly coated with olive oil, arrange about 24 formed meatballs of approximately 3 cm in size.
  5. Place in the oven to bake for 20-25 minutes.
  6. When the meatballs get a light golden color (about 20-25 minutes), take them out of the oven and pour tomato sauce over them, and a little grated cheese on each meatball.
  7. Return the baking dish to the oven and bake for another 5-10 minutes.
  8. Serve warm and sprinkle with fresh parsley on top.


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