Keto Pound Cake Recipe That Tastes Like Starbucks

Pound cake loaf with a slice out of the front of it on a piece of parchment paper on a black wire rack.

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This keto pound cake is super moist and dense with a soft, buttery crumb. Plus, to make it even better, it's topped with a deliciously sweet sugar free glaze. And each slice has just 1.5 NET CARBS! 


1 1/2 Cup (125g) Super Fine Almond Flour

Heaping 1/2 Cup (100g) Confectioners Erythritol

1 Tsp Baking Powder

Just a pinch of salt

3 1/2 oz (100g) Full Fat Cream Cheese (room temperature)

4 Tbsps (60g) Coconut oil

4 Large Eggs

1 Tsp Vanilla extract (This one has no added sugar)


Heaping 1/4 Cup (50g) Confectioners Erythritol

Heaping Tbsp (20g) Unsweetened almond milk


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 350°F (175°C).
  2. Add all of the dry ingredients to a large bowl mix, combine, and set the bowl aside.
  3. Add all of the wet ingredients to an even larger bowl, and use a hand mixer to combine those ingredients.
  4. Once the wet ingredients are combined, add the dry ingredients, and use the hand mixer to combine the wet and dry ingredients together.
  5. When everything is incorporated into one another - and a batter has formed - pour the batter into a 8.5in. X 4.5in. loaf pan lined with parchment paper, and coat the paper with baking spray.
  6. Bake for around 40 minutes, or until the top is golden brown.
  7. Let the loaf cool in the tray, and while it's cooling mix the glaze ingredients together in a small dish.
  8. When the loaf has cooled completely, remove the loaf from the tray, and add the glaze to the top of the loaf.
  9. Let the glaze set on top of the loaf, and once set, cut the loaf into 12 slices.


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