Protein Coffee Made in 1 Minute | Over 20 Grams Of Protein

A glass of protein coffee on a white counter with ice cubes on it.

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This easy protein coffee recipe is packed with over 20 grams of protein and creamy iced coffee goodness. It's made with your favorite cold brew and protein powder and it's ready in just minutes! And, honestly, after you try this recipe you'll never want to make your iced coffee any other way!


3/4 cup Cold Brew

1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

1/2 cup Water or milk

1 cup Ice


  1. Dissolve the vanilla protein powder in the milk or water with a blender or in glass with an immersion blender.
  2. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour the cold brew into it.
  3. Add the vanilla protein and milk mixture. Stir to combine.


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