Keto Ramen Soup | The BEST Low Carb, Easy, Ramen Soup Recipe

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A low carb keto ramen soup recipe that tastes almost identical to Top Ramen, but has far fewer carbs! This ramen soup is definitely one of the best - if not the best - soup recipes you can make for the keto diet. Mostly because each cup only has 1.5g of net carbs. Which is just unheard of for ramen.




Wash noodles in a strainer over warm water

Add about 1 tbsp salt

Continue washing

Set your noodles aside and add 2 cups low calorie chicken broth to a pot

Now, add your noodles to your pot and bring to a boil

While your waiting for your pot to boil get your seasonings together

In a small dish, add and combine all of the dry ingredients

Once combined add your "Top Ramen Seasoning" to your boiling pot and occasionally stir for around 3 minutes

Serve hot


3.5g Carbs - 2g Fiber = 1.5g NET CARBS


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